Division of Park Maintenance & Properties


216.348.7210 - Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

The Division of Park Maintenance & Properties provides burial services and cemetery maintenance. If a family wishes to purchase a grave, they may visit the office at either Highland Park Cemetary, located at 21400 Chagrin Blvd, or the West Park Cemetary located at 3942 Ridge Rd, to determine if the Cemetery of their choice has graves for sale, as not all City cemeteries are active.

Decorating and Headstone Guidelines

In order to maintain cemeteries in a safe, dignified manner, decorating guidelines have been established as follows:

  • Flowers will be removed three (3) days after internment 
  • Planting is only permitted in raised marker sections and must be approved by the main office
  • Stones, rocks, fences, toys, lights, glass containers, and rope are prohibited. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any decoration deemed unsightly, hazardous, or not adhering to policy. 
  • During the summer (April 15 to October 15), only fresh flowers are permitted 
  • During the winter (November 15 to February 15), and on commemorative holidays, crosses may be no larger than 36-inches tall 
  • Medallions and granite inserts are not permitted on headstones, only etching 
  • A sketch of the headstone must be submitted to the Cemetery for approval before any work is done 
  • Double stones are only permitted in lot grave sections. Both graves must be paid in full to approve stone application.


Cemetery Payments and Fee Schedule

Payments for cemetery services may be made by check, money order, or credit card. Cash is not accepted. All graves must be paid in full. Fees for services are as follows:

  • Graves in raised marker sections sell for $873, and those in flush marker sections are $743. Information about applicable opening and closing fees is available at the cemetery. 
  • Stone setting fees are $160 for infant stones (18"x10"x4"), $260 for single stones (24"x12"x4") including veterans outside of the Veteran Section, and $350 for double stones (48"x12"x4"). The setting fee for Urn Garden stones is included in the price of the Urn Garden burial. 
  • Flower vase purchase and installation is $70