Division of Park Maintenance & Properties

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

750 E 88th Street, Cleveland, OH 44108 - 216.664.3103 - Daily 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Visit Rockfellerparkgreenhouse.org

Open All Year

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is a public garden with both indoor and outdoor display areas. The Greenhouse and grounds feature theme gardens, specialty plant collections, and seasonal floral displays. The Greenhouse is free to visit, and open year-round from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, including weekends and holidays. It is located within Rockefeller Park, just south of interstate 90 at the Martin Luther King Jr Blvd exit.


Weddings and wedding photography at the Greenhouse require a Permit. For information , contact the Greenhouse office at 216-664-3103.

Within the Park

Beyond the Greenhouse grounds, Rockefeller Park stretches south for approximately two (2) miles. Within the greater park area, visitors will find several unique amenities including: 

  • The Cleveland Cultural Gardens - Over 30 developed gardens showcasing the cultural contributions of the countries represented, and exemplifying the motto “Peace through mutual understanding.” Visit the Cleveland Cultural Gardens website to learn more.
  • Rockefeller Lagoon – Located at E 105th St and MLK Jr Dr., the Lagoon is stocked with fish throughout the summer and serves as a popular fishing spot. Walking paths surround the lagoon and nearby playground and spray basin. Individuals or Groups interested in renting a Gazebo pavilion must contact the Division of Special Events at 216.664.2484. 
  • Tennis Courts – The Judge Jean Murrell Capers Tennis Courts, located across from the Lagoon, offer  7 lighted courts and a practice wall for solo play. Visit the Friends of Rockefeller Park Greenhouse website to stay updated on displays and events.